Make it Your Own

There are many ways to customize your website.

Add Your Logo
Add your own logo to the website and promote your brand.
Don't have a logo? We can help! Our expert designers can design a logo
that is a true representation of you and your practice.
Insert Photos
Select from our library of photos, or customize your website with your own images.
Modify Colors
Easily modify the colors to match those of your office and logo.
Customize Pages
Online editor for easy content management of your website.
Social Integration
Plug-and-play integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media channels.

Easily modify the colors to match those of your office or logo.

Get started today. Start-up is so easy anybody can do it! And yet, you have the ability to edit or change your information now or later, anytime you wish. Your website automatically includes highly detailed and relevant educational content. Set your own speed. Time is always an issue, but with Dental Freeway you’re ready to roll. You can do the initial build immediately. Just add your practice information. Then come back anytime for a tuneup. Drop in case studies and photos. Change things around. It’s free—and as easy as shifting gears.

You’ll find a streamlined system that guides you effortlessly to build your ideal website. We call it Ready, Set, Go Live. We simply combine your selected web design with your practice information.

Only PBHS has the resources to offer you a complete practice marketing package.

Premier Website Design – Custom & Semi-Custom Solutions

Our message is simple, you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. Other companies charge you for features that PBHS includes at no cost in our already competitive prices. See for yourself!
Feature Included
Practice Mgt. Software Integration Featured
Complimentary Technical Support Featured
Unlimited E-Mail & Support Featured
Content Management System Featured
Demandforce Integration Featured
Automatic Upgrades Featured
Unlimited Changes Featured
Simple & Powerful User Editing Featured
Free Site Optimization Featured
Feature Included
Interactive Procedural Videos Featured
Easily Alternate Between Designs Featured
Protect Your Initial Investment Featured
Social Media Integration Featured
Web Traffic & Trend Reporting Featured
Appointment Request Forms Featured
Editable Navigation Menus Featured
iPhone and iPad Compatible Featured
Coordinated Print Marketing Featured

Human Touch™ Multimedia

  • Comprehensive Patient Education
  • Interactive Human Interface
  • Detailed 3D Animations
  • Audio & Video Explanations
  • Overview of Diagnosis & Treatments
PBHS is proud to introduce Human Touch™, web-based educational presentations narrated by professional actors. Human Touch™ multimedia tutorials are available for procedures performed by general dentists and dental specialists.
Your dental web site can be upgraded with PBHS multimedia presentations! Preparations prior to surgery, procedures, and recommended post-op care are clearly articulated, complete with audio, video, animations and case studies. Patients can review this information as often as they like from home by visiting your web site.

Imagine these interactive patient education video presentations enhancing your web site!

PBHS Human Touch - Dental Implants
Dental Implants
PBHS Human Touch - Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth
PBHS Human Touch - Orthognathic Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery
PBHS Human Touch - Endodontics
PBHS Human Touch - Periodontics
PBHS Human Touch - Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry