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Design Selection Questions

How do I know what design to pick?

Don’t pay too much attention to the colors or photos of each design, as they can be easily changed at anytime. What we want you to focus on is the actual layout/style of the design. Do you like them full-screen or boxed banners? Lots of features/modules down the page or a more simplified approach? 

Can you help me pick a design?

Of course! Your account manager can help you choose a design based on your style/functionality preferences. They can also set one up for you if you would prefer not to choose. 

Can I change my design?

Yes, you can easily swap between the designs both during the development phase and after the website is live.

Customization Questions

Can I change the photos?

Yes, we have an account with that offers a wide variety of stock photos.  If you give us an idea of what you’re looking for, we can assist with image selection.  Or you’re welcome to select your own and just send us the image ID numbers.  Please note that you cannot use ones marked as Editorial Use Only.

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, as long as they are 2000 pixels wide, we can easily use them in the banner or the content areas.

Can I change the colors?

Yes. We most often choose colors that complement your logo, but there is a built-in color selection tool to choose any colors you want.

Can I change the font style?

Yes, we can use any font that is supported by google –  If you would like something different, please let us know.

How can I make my site more personalized?

The more materials you can supply us the better! Things like mission statements, taglines, office photos, staff photos, logos, local/national association logos, past community involvement — are all things we can add to your site to further personalize it. Of course, custom content is always welcome, too!

Content Questions

Do you have Smile Galleries for use?

No, we do not have any stock smile gallery photos for you to use, we want your patients to see YOUR work. We can easily add your own case studies in a variety of ways and show you how to add more in the future.

Can I use my own content?

Yes, we can merge your existing content with ours, or just move over yours. Alternatively, you can modify our content to reflect your practice.  There is a section on your website questionnaire to indicate what content you’d like us to carry over from your previous website.

Will you write my biography?

With your order, we do not write biographies. However, we have many fill-in-the-blank templates you may use or you can talk to your account manager about purchasing a block of copywriting time.

What if I don’t like your stock content?

We can use content from your previous website (see question above about own content), you can write your own content, or you can purchase a block of copywriting time from our in-house content writer.

Can I add my own videos?

Yes, we can add your videos as long as they are uploaded to a sharing channel like Youtube or Vimeo first.

Can I add my own forms?

Yes, we can add your patient forms as long as you have them as PDF or Word documents.

Can I add testimonials from a third party provider?

Yes, most testimonial management programs like Birdseye, Lighthouse360 or DemandForce can usually provide you with a code we can add to the website. 

Can I add a translation option?

Yes, we do have the ability to add a translation option for a variety of languages. Please keep in mind that this is a computer generated translation and may need some corrections. Your account manager can show you how to modify the translation.

Process Questions

Is there a deadline for when my site has to go live?

No, but if you have an outdated/non-responsive/or no website, we recommend sooner rather than later.  The content doesn’t have to be perfect, because you’ll have an editor that will allow you to make changes to it at any time.  We recommend a minimum content review of the homepage and patient information pages.  The procedural pages should not list any procedures/services you do not offer.  After that, you should get the newer design live and perfect it as you go.

How long does it take to put my website live?

If we have the necessary domain info, we can put it live in 2 days. If the domain needs to be transferred, it can take 5-7 business days. The sooner it goes live the sooner google can index your website.

Can I edit the website after it is live?

Yes, you will have a website editor that will allow you to edit content, pictures, menu options, etc.  The editor is easy to use, much like Microsoft Word, and we provide training documentation as well as phone support.

Why do I have more than one contact person? 

Since logo design, website design, programming, optimization, and even billing are all part of our multi-faceted and ever changing industry, it would be impossible for each employee to excel in all areas. For that reason, you will work with many members of our team, all with individual talents and responsibilities to ensure the best outcome. If you ever get confused on who to contact, your account manager is happy to help navigate your requests to the right department.

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